Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As I think back on my life, during this Thanksgiving season, I am thankful and blessed to have been a part of a wonderful group. That group is the Buncombe County beekeepers specifically, but the world of beekeepers generally. Had I not been a part of this group I would not have met some of my dearest friends. I know you each know who you are, and I am not going to try to name you all because I would not want to slight anyone by forgetting to name anyone on this rather large list. Just know you have each blessed my life.

I am thankful to have been a small part of the amazing bee schools we have carried out and the huge success they have been. I am thankful to have been a member of a chapter that was honored with the title of chapter of the year. I am thankful to have been your vice-president and president(thank you Janet for believing in me). I am thankful to have been in leadership while we welcomed the implementation of possibly the best beekeeping web site in the world (thank you DeForrest). I am thankful to have had a hand in the morphing of our bee school into the WNC Center for Honeybee Research (thank you Carl) I am thankful to have been asked to serve as a director for WNC with the NCSBA. I am thankful to have been asked to serve on the NC Honey Board (thank you Jeanne and Charles). I am thankful for the wonderful place we have to meet (thank you Steve). I am thankful to have been able to listen to all the wisdom and knowledge of our many experienced beekeepers in the area. (thanks to Edd, Greg, Dave, Carl, Jack, Mike and many more too numerous to name.) I am thankful to know such a talented bunch of people. Last but not least, I am thankful to have such fantastic people in extension and at NCSU. How could I not be thankful for Jack Hanel, Dr. David Tarpy and our own (new mother) Amanda Stone.

Sometimes it seemed I was a hindrance to the progress each of you were trying to make and sometimes I must have annoyed you by harping on things I wanted to see done. In spite of us all, with our own busy schedules, we have done some really great things. Thank you each for your support, efforts and expertise in the wonderful accomplishments made by the Buncombe County Beekeepers Chapter. I look forward to the new season with fresh new leaders and I must admit, I am very positive in what I see. We all have so much to be thankful for, especially from our bees. Please reflect on all of this and go forth in the new year to work together and do your part in making a real and continued difference in the world of beekeeping.

Happy Thanksgiving

Past President BCBC

Calvin Robinson

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