Thursday, August 4, 2011

At our elevation of around 3100 ft, the Sourwood flow is over and the honey has been harvested. I want to start making splits as soon as the Goldenrod and Aster start up, but in the meantime I've been sitting by the hives saying 'thank you' and watching what the girls are bringing back to the hive. This past week I noticed something I've never seen before....PURPLE POLLEN! And not just one or two bees, but many girls coming back with cute little lavender chaps that remind me of grape sorbet or purple Playdough. I have been asking around to see if anyone knows what plant makes purple pollen and, although there are several (Phacelia, Thistle, etc.), none are currently blooming around here. I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this and what it is. Until I find out, it's a great summertime mystery!
Karen Hansen

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