Sunday, October 2, 2011

BCBC Members at WNC State Fair

BCBC volunteers shared their knowledge of bees with attendees at the 2011 WNC State Fair. Chapter members ranked among the ribbon winners for their entries of hive products. The following pictures are: Jeff Hambley giving out hand stamps for finding the queen; the BCBC exhibit; Janet Peterson talking with Fair guests; Janet Peterson's 3rd place block wax entry; Juanita Sanders' Best in Show for 3lb wax sunflower; Jared Sanders' shallow comb entries win 1st-3rd places; and, Wayne Holland's 1st place Dark Extract.
Other BCBC members with ribbon winning entries: Mary Ellen placed 3rd in Wax Novelties; Jared Sanders placed 2nd and Cynthia Schwartz placed 3rd in Dark Extracted.
A very special thank you to all the volunteers who coordinated and assisted with the Fair Exhibit and to Janet Peterson for the photos and report.

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