Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Pollen Mystery

Well, it is a gorgeous day out here in Spring Creek and I'm so happy to see the sun after so much cloudy weather. Around noon today I headed into the bee yard to check on the girls. I was thrilled to see many bees bringing in pollen! A beautiful light beige pollen in late January...and I wondered; skunk cabbage, willow...what? As I watched them with a great deal of joy, I noticed that the pollen looked almost the color of white pine - and then it hit me. I'm a woodworker and just yesterday I emptied out my dust collector. As I walked over to the sawdust pile, my heart sank...here were over a hundred bees busily working the dust. Ugh. Anyone know anything about the nutritional qualities of sawdust...I would think 'nothing' but hope at the very least it is not harmful to them.

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