Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bob Binnie Speaker on Sept 17th in Henderson County

Bob Binnie will be speaking about commercial beekeeping at the Henderson County Beekeepers' meeting on Monday, Sept. 17th.

Bob is involved with not only honey production but also the selection and propagation of superior bee stock that survive without the use of harsh chemicals. He has provided nucs for research at University of Georgia which were used for IPM Research.

This past spring 500 nucs were available here in our area - many of which were of our local queen stock which are acclimated to our area. Greg Rogers, a friend of Bob's, shared that Bob has 1,000+ hives, and is a creative problem solver who shares information openly. Bob is the past president of the Georgia Beekeepers Association and an informative speaker. Jennifer Berry wrote in Bee Culture Magazine that "Bob is always researching and fine tuning ways to become a better beekeeper."

Henderson County Beekeepers

NEXT MEETING: Sept 17, 2012 7pm ***
Meeting will be at the Mountain Horticultural Corps Research & Extension Center***
2016 Fanning Bridge Road, Fletcher NC

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