Friday, February 1, 2013

Bee Supplies Galore

Wild Mountain Bees (Supply Store) is moving to Asheville to accommodate growth and make access more convenient, which for me means less off-roading in my 1997 Geo Prizm! In addition to beekeeping classes and an even more complete selection of beekeeping supplies, they will be offering these additional items: local honey, beeswax candles, bee jewelry and art, mead making supplies, bee friendly plants/seeds, herbal products and soaps made using honey/beeswax, and more! If you produce bee products, art, beeswax, honey, pollen, or any locally produced good and are interested in marketing, give Jon Christie (pictured above) a holler at

OPEN: March 1st 2013 through September 2013 (w/ special holiday hours in December)
            Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10am to 5:30pm
Other bee supply sources (for those whose mamas told them to shop around) can be found here!

In other news, as a fun read you might want to check out Wolfgang Laib's pollen art installation featured at MoMA! "Since the 1970s, his trademark activity has been gathering pollen from trees and plants in the countryside near his home in southern Germany. He puts the pollen in bottles and flies to distant places around the world to create ephemeral installations of yellow dust on museum and gallery floors and inseminate the minds of viewers with thoughts of harmony between human civilization and nature." Watch a video interview with Mr. Laib here.

See you all at our February meeting at 7pm this Monday, Feb 4th at the Groce United Methodist Church (954 Tunnel Rd in Asheville, NC). Come early at 6:30 for informal mentoring, conversations, and an opportunity to talk to other beekeepers. BCBC is proud to host Tom Knaust, who will be speaking about top bar hives. Also, whatever happened to the stair-stepped program of beekeeping knowledge in our state, from Beginner to Journeyman to Master Beekeeper and Master Craftsman? Janet Peterson, Golden Achievement Committee Chair with NCSBA, will fill you in at the February meeting so you can get started.

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