Tuesday, February 26, 2013

March 4, 2013 BCBC Meeting

Join us Monday for a program by the brilliant Diane Almond on "The Forager's Shopping Cart."

Did you know that water foraging bees spread their load on the brood and ‘lash’ their tongues to cool the young? And did you know that nectar foragers that take the last bit of nectar mark the flower with a pheromone so foragers that follow won’t bother to stop? Most of us learned that bees forage for four items: nectar, pollen, water and resin (propolis). But how do they know what to collect, how much, when, where? And what does the hive do with these resources? Here’s a in-depth look at some of the amazing details involved in the dynamic deployment of the foraging force which can number in the 10's of thousands, and some ways we can put this info to use as beekeepers. We'll touch on some of the fascinating research in Wisdom of the Hive (Thomas Seeley) and The Buzz About Bees(Jurgen Tautz).

7:00 pm on Monday, March 4th at Groce United Methodist Church
at 954 Tunnel Rd in Asheville, NC.
Come early at 6:30 for informal mentoring, conversations about your bees, and an opportunity to talk to other beekeepers.

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