Friday, March 8, 2013

Master Beekeeper Program

What’s all the fuss about the Master Beekeeper Program? As a BCBC club we want you to grow in your bee knowledge and one way to do that is to participate in the stair-step, well-thought-out program that has made our state NCSBA a leader in the bee world. Read more about it on our website,
To complete the Certified Beginner Level you will need to attend a Bee School and we just happen to have one on March 23-24.  Sign up here:

Take the written test on April 2 at the Extension Office on 94 Coxe Avenue and the practical-in-the-hive test at our June 8th field day at the 4H Camp in Swannanoa. You must sign up with the Education Secretary, Janet Peterson first. (

            To complete the Journeyman (woman) Level you can take the written test on April 2nd but you will have to take the practical test at the next NCSBA meeting. The best notes to study for both tests are here:

Journeyman applicants will need 5 service credits. Here are two immediate opportunities to get these under your belt:

Talk to second grade at Glen Arden Elementary school. Contact dynamite teacher Andrea Bassett at

The Buzz on Bees event is coming up at Chimney Rock Park on April 27, 11 am - 3 pm. Last year, the event featured bee hives, chats with local beekeepers, displays about the basics of beekeeping and honey production. The focus would give information about how people can help bees.
Phyllis Stiles <> wants to partner with someone to go. Contact her and Dayna  <> who is organizing the event.

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